Saturday, July 26, 2008

Updates. In short...

I've graduatated... convocation was yesterday.
Started worked back at Panasonic as an engineer since 13 June.
I've visited where I wanted to be most. More travel destinations to go for and revisit...
I've read harry potter and the deathly hallows and Kaneko stories...
I met up with my good buddies from all over the place...

I'm happy. =)


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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time to fly... again...

It's been a good year that I've stuck my feet firmly on the ground.
It's time for some education on the roads again.

This time the destination is by far one of my wildest: EGYPT

Yes yes... I've always wanted to see the pyramids with my own eyes.
& definitely before the cookie crumbles.
One thing for sure, the weather is one wild aspect of it.
From my understanding, the current forecast is that it can go up to as high as 45degrees (crap!) and as low as 18degrees.
So, all things pertaining to the sun must be taken cared of.
I seriously hope we don't sizzle in the sun. I don't want to be beef bak kwa. =(

Anyway, this trip will fulfill my dream of seeing one of the ancient wonders of the world.
There after is to JAPAN!

Graduation trip
EGYPT 14th May ~ 24th May
JAPAN 26th May ~ 6 June
See ya then~!
Have a value creating holiday~!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Half Time

The paper just now was pretty good. If not for some dumb error of multiplying instead of dividing. >.<

Anyway, the ludicrously simple question came out. Hahaha... I knew it. That look from his face... I KNEW IT! Muahaha~ Its so simple, I think Primary school kids knew how to do it. No kiddin.

Well... Tomorrow is the last paper. & preparation + rehearsal for the presentation on friday. Its kindof nerve-wrecking... Final redemption will be complete soon...

Alls really over after friday.

I pray. I pray. I pray.

Mellissa says, "It's time to chant the kind of daimoku you have not chant before."

I totally agree.

I must win!

Praying is the act of reconfirming your determination to fulfill your deepest desire. If you want to do well for your exams, by all means, pray for it till it happens.
- Ikeda Sensei.

Its really that simple and straight forward. =)


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Monday, April 21, 2008

Season of death

You see... it always happens at a certain point of time in the year.
To me at least.
That when i receive pretty consistent news of death.
& so I'd start the journey of paying them the last visit.
The latest one is my principal from SRJC.
Miss Jenny Yong.

She's a cheery old lady that is respected and loved by all.
I still remember how she like our student conductor Deepak.
& how she made us play the piece "The Eighties" twice during some school event.

Sounds pretty grey eh?
Maybe. Maybe not.
At least she led a value creating life educating the future generations.
She's remembered for her good work.
I suppose we would hardly think of her if this didn't happened.

Oh well...
Nothing and nobody lives forever.
Not even the almighty cockroach which survived the last ice age.
One smack on it and it's done for.
Thats besides the point, but yea, analogy.

Birth, aging, sickness and death are the inescapable realities of life, and the eternal questions humankind has attempted to resolve. How can we create the greatest value amidst a reality that is impermanent and in constant flux? It was the search for answers to these questions that led to the birth of Buddhism.

Daisaku Ikeda

On a side note, I was really rushing around again yesterday.
1 Morning gongyo, 1 triologue, 3 meetings.
Exhausted man.
& 30% of my project FYP redemption is completed just now.
More to come, more to come.


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Friday, April 18, 2008

Job Offer

Was speaking to Kar li (ex-colleague in my IA company) about some random updates on msn.
So Kwan (ex-boss) was somewhat promoted to be the department head.

I remember some time last year end after my meet up with them after my last paper...
I was telling kwan over sms that I'd want to work for him if he wants to hire...
& I guess he still remembers it.

Anyway, I'm really happy that they offered me something so spontaneouly.
But I had been chanting about this job thing for quite a while now.
My first love should be clean energy, or at least ideally speaking.
Think I got to keep chanting until thinks start to get clearer.
I shall try EDB to see if there's any luck in getting closer to what I want first.

"There are three standards for selecting a job: the three values of beauty, benefit and good. Everyone's ideal is to get a job they like (beauty), that is materially rewarding (benefit), and where you can contribute to society (good). The real world, however, is not as accommodating a place as you may think. Those who find a job that meets their ideal from the outset are doubtless few and far between. More often than not, people have to work at a job they never expected to have to do.

"Without running away from a disagreeable job, you should continue to work hard while praying to the Gohonzon. By continuing in this way, in the end you will definitely find yourself in a position that you like, that is profitable, and, moreover, that creates great good for society.

"Not only that, when you later look back on this period of struggle, you will see that none of your hard work was wasted, that your past efforts have all become precious assets. You will then understand that everything you have been through had meaning."

Josei Toda


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"True greatness means that, even if you forget what you've done for others, you never forget what others have done for you. It means always doing your utmost to repay debts of gratitude. Such people radiate integrity, depth of character, bigheartedness and charm."
Josei Toda SGI 2nd President


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Rejuvenated. Once more.

The whole of last week i think i was just caught in a frenzy of gakkai activities...
There's so much going on esp for the Sept GM moving into momentum.

I was happy nonetheless though i zonk out every night after mtgs, mtgs, funeral & more mtgs.
But there was just this lack of drive to study really hard.

Thankfully I found that drive last night.
It's a big whallop on my head. *bang!*

This MD is one uncle, as you may call him, a significant person in my practise of faith.
He's those rare kind that when you look into his eyes, you feel that you are seen through right away.
Don't attempt to hide your feelings. They'll immediately get exposed.
Don't try to lie. Toda sensei says, only foxes lie.
But I like to look into his eyes, they look like crystals. Clear and real.

On top of that, he's one strict man.
You may feel pressurised initially, but as it gets on, you'll feel that deep sense of compassion behind all those words of strict guidance.

I always felt shaken to the core of my being after every encounter with him.
& this feeling don't just last after a day, but it is there to stay.

He is one of the few whom made me feel that, sometimes, it's ok to do what you need to do. Gohonzon understands. Just promise to work doubly hard when you are done with your things.
Most importantly, you must do things happily. You musn't feel pressurised to do it. Else there really isn't any meaning at all.

I thought to myself sometimes, I think Mr Wong is someone like Sensei. Advanced in age as he may be, but clear in his head and still ever advancing and learning. Energy and that gakkai spirit would never extinguish from their beings. I'm really inspired.

With this sense of gratitude and 感动, I will work hard now!

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Where can we find happiness?
Happiness is not found in a tranquil life free of storms and tempests. Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realize our goals, in our efforts to move forward.
~President Daisaku Ikeda

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